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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi helps you manage your wireless network and gives you access to all of your router’s features. The account is free and takes only a few minutes to set up.

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Linksys Support

Linksys Support has been providing advanced networking solutions for the last few years. Most of us use the Linksys wi-fi routers at our houses or workplaces. Although the fact that configuring and utilizing the Linksys smart wifi account could be very easy, and even a non-technical person can quite simply configure the device. However there are some circumstances when users need assistance from the linksys support.

We are at all times willing to extend our serving to hand at any point while you face main issue while using Linksys wise wireless routers. We work with the ideal aim to support our purchasers after they face any type of technical issue, be it Linksys router setup, Linksys router password change, and so on… Often we support our users by taking remote access to their desktops and help them to solve their issues.

When you come throughout any issue or technical difficulty with your Linksys smart wifi router, that you may contact our linksys support anytime. You could even chat immediately with our technical and networking authorities. We make sure your obstacle is resolved within a few minutes in the nice possible way.

Linksys Smart Wifi Router Setup

Linksys smart WiFi routers are convenient to setup because of Smart Setup Wizard. Smart Setup Wizard is embedded in the router firmware. You could use smart setup wizard even if your wifi router doesn’t have a web connection. Even after setting up via smart setup wizard, Linksys smart Wi-Fi user experiences dropping wi-fi connections issues. It feels so annoyed every time while you see signals vanish totally at the time of work.

For sure, it’s which normal issue, that every router client face. To beat the main issue requires a great deal of effort. That you may overcome the drawback easily if you recognize the real problem behind it.

So, visit our web page if you’re unable to get a wi-fi connection. We have now gives you the strategies via which you can troubleshoot the problems on your wifi router. Our troubleshooting tips will save your time and will assist in maintaining off the postpone in work.

The Reason Behind Wifi Connection Drop-offs

  • MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size.
  • Attach both router modem to each other with Ethernet cable.
  • Now connect the laptop to your wireless network by either wired or wireless method.
  • After this, attach the power adapter to your router and plug the adapter into the power socket near your modem.

Regulate MTU Size In Linksys Smart Wifi

To adjust the Maximum Transmission Unit size, first of all, you need to understand what function it has in wireless connection. MTU size identified the largest packet size that is allowed for internet broadcast. To get the best output from the wireless network, the exact MTU size is required. To receive accurate throughput from the network, regulate the MTU size.

Remove Wireless Interferences

The biggest reason for a weak wireless signal is interference. The interference can come from other objects such as microwave, electronic gadgets, metal objects, thick walls, or fiber cabinet. It results in the dead zone into the home and office. Please ensure that there are no such devices around your wireless router.


Upgrade Router Firmware By Linksys Smart Wifi

Outdated router firmware can result in weak wifi signal and frequent wireless connection drop-offs.To ensure you get the maximum speed and the best wireless signal strength, upgrade the router firmware. You can do this through the Linksys web-based GUI. Log into the Linksys system and navigate to the router maintenance section. Upload the latest firmware to the router system and enjoy the safe and more enhanced wireless network.

In case you don’t know how to update the firmware of Linksys smart wifi router, contact us or chat with us. Our team of networking experts will help you in the best possible way.

Linksys Configuration Steps

In this section, you will learn how to proceed with Linksys configuration steps. Configuring the Linksys smart wifi setup is very easy, and it will take you hardly 5 minutes to get it routing the internet for you. With the help of http // setup utility, it has become very easy to sign in to the router and install it. Just log into the device and start right away with the configuration process.

  • To begin with, unpack the router box. It would have the router, Adapter, Ethernet cord, and four antennas.
  • Install the antennas on the router parallel to each other.
  • Connect the router with the adapter on the power outlet and make sure never to connect the router to a power surge protector.
  • Connect the Ethernet cord from the modem to the router on the internet port.
  • We would require a computer, maybe Windows or Mac.
  • Let’s say you have a windows laptop or desktop, and it is wireless compatible. Connect your computer to the router’s wireless by clicking at the Wi-Fi symbol at the bottom right corner.
  • Or if your windows computer is not wireless compatible, all you need to do is connect an extra Ethernet cord from the router to the computer from port number Four.
  • Pull up a browser, maybe Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser.
  • At the top of the browser at the address bar type in or and then hit Enter on the keyboard.
  • You will be directed to the http // setup utility page now. Accept the Terms and policies and hit continue.
  • It will look for an existing network in the house or office, and yes, if the modem is connected perfectly well with the router, it will detect the name of the modem.
  • Select the existing network name and hit continue. Put in the password for the existing network and continue.
  • It will ask you if you want to keep the same password for the router give it a choice of what you want it to be.
  • Now, once it says the setup is complete, try to connect any wireless device with the new router. It should connect and work.

For MAC users​

In this case, all you need to do is connect the Mac with the new router’s Wi-Fi or with the Ethernet Cord.

  • Then pull up a browser, maybe Safari or Google Chrome.
  • At the top of the address bar type in or and hit Enter.
  • Rest the steps will be the same as mentioned above.
  • So this post was all about the Linksys smart wifi setup process. In case you come across an issue while attempting to configure the device, contact us or chat with us.

Linksys Router Setup - - Setup Linksys Router

For the Linksys router wifi setup process, you need to follow the instructions provided below.Before that, let us tell you that the Linksys router setup process is a simple and easy task. But there are little complications at some stages. To make you understand the Linksys router setup process in the easiest way, we have broken down the whole process in 2 different phases i.e. Linksys router setup hardware, Linksys web configuration.

Linksys Router Setup – Web Configuration​

After you are done with settings up the hardware connection, proceed with web configuration Log into your router through http // login address. 

  • The linksyssmartwifi setup address is
  • Now you will see the http // setup utility page.
  • Click on the Linksys setup wizard and then click Start.
  • You will need to establish the internet connection on your WiFi router and then configure the wireless settings.
  • Make sure you follow the on-screen instructions as provided by the Linksys EA6700 setup wizard.
  • Once you are done with the configuration, click Save and let your router reboot.
  • After your router restarts, check whether the internet connection is active on your wireless router.

Linksys Router Setup – Basic Hardware Setup

In this phase, you need to set up the hardware connection between your Linksys smart wireless router, internet modem, and computer. Follow the instructions to complete the process successfully;

  • First of all, take out the router and place it near your existing modem.
  • Attach both router & modem to each other with Ethernet cable.
  • Now connect the laptop to your wireless network by either wired or wireless method.
  • After this, attach the power adapter to your router and plug the adapter into the power socket near your modem.
  • Turn on your router and wait for a few seconds.


“If you can access the internet on your wireless network, it means you have successfully set up the Linksys smart wifi router. If you see any issue coming up from your Linksys smart wifi router, make sure you contact us or chat with us. Our team of technical experts will resolve your issues as soon as possible.”

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